• June 14, 2024


It is assumed that the energy-efficient house of the twenty-first century is a place friendly not only to the environment, but also to its inhabitants. As a result, more and more emphasis is being placed on solutions that improve the insulation of the building as a whole, including when it comes to joinery.

Passive construction has become increasingly popular in recent years, which also means a significant increase in the demand for energy-saving technologies. It is estimated that when it comes to energy-efficient and passive houses, energy demand is up to eight times lower than when it comes to traditional buildings. So if we choose the right technologies both in the construction and modernization of the house, we can count on a really big savings. The responsible choice of technologies and products that affect energy consumption is a very important issue in this context. This is especially important when we are talking about garage doors.


Modern garage door features

Garage doors have their basic functions to fulfil, but we must not forget that today they are referred to as a reflection of our highest expectations not only in terms of safety and comfort, but also aesthetics. It is worth mentioning here especially the sectional doors, which are characterized by the fact that they meet the standard of energy efficiency. In practice, this means that if you decide to use them, you can count on up to thirty percent lower heat transfer coefficient. This comfortable solution also draws attention to its design possibilities. The market today offers us many types of doors of this type, and specific productions are available with a jacket, which can be either 40 or 60 millimetres thick. In this way, people who decide to use doors can count on really good thermal insulation. It allows you to count on optimum temperatures throughout the year, which you should not underestimate, especially in winter, when the energy balance of a building is particularly important.

It is also worth mentioning that gates of this type are characterized by resistance not only to air permeability, but also the penetration of wind and water, so they can serve us for many years. Of course, it is not only the choice that counts, but also the installation of the gate, so we are dealing with a task that should be entrusted to qualified employees with extensive experience.