• June 14, 2024


Every year, trends in design bring a new colour palette to the pedestal. Although many colours, such as white and grey, are on the trend every year, there is always a new colour "star". Although current fashion is a great source of inspiration, when choosing a palette of colors for the kitchen it should not be the only signpost. It is worth taking into account the style in which we will furnish a new kitchen, as well as personal tastes. This is because in this area no-one can advise as well as our own taste.

Let's think three times

What colours will dominate in our kitchen should be thought through three or even four times. If we choose colours that will turn out to be tiring after some time, we will shoot ourselves in the proverbial knee. We should also remember that the colour palette in the kitchen should not be too extensive. It's safe to focus on up to three colors. It is worth noting that if one of the colours you decide to choose is very intense, it is best to complement it with calmer shades. The company of white, beige and delicate greys is almost always perfect. What is more, a strong colour should appear on the elements, which can be easily replaced if necessary, e.g. as paint on one of the walls. If you decide on bright furniture, replacing it with other furniture will turn out to be quite complicated and, what is worse, very expensive. That's why the parts that are difficult to replace are the safest to have neutral colours.

White from floor to ceiling

In recent years, interior designers have very often proposed white kitchens from the ceiling to the floor. Although many people may find such arrangements too boring and sterile, it is worth noting that in order to enliven them it is enough to introduce colourful additions. White is a perfect background for almost every other color, as well as for various forms - modern and classic.

Grey versus black

Until a few years ago, elegant dark kitchens, dominated by deep black, were very popular. Today, the trend is to move away from such projects towards more subtle greyscale arrangements with black accents, such as a dark worktop or a black granite sink.

Green, cobalt, blue.

Juicy greens and fresh blues are the colors that many people like. Such shades not only allow you to relax, but also have a positive effect on your moods. Arrangements using such a color palette are very pleasant visually and strangely also very universal. Green and blue blend in perfectly with the rustic, Scandinavian and even modern style. It is worth combining them with light, delicate colours. Beige or jasmine granite sinks can be an interesting addition to green or blue kitchens.

Sunny oranges and temperamental reds

Warm colours are ideal for very sunny kitchens. Such shades are chosen by people who like bold arrangements. Oranges, reds and yellow interior designers often combine with natural materials such as wood, wicker and flax.

It turns out that colours play a very important role in our lives. Their power is so powerful that they can even influence our mood, mood and even appetite. Therefore, it is worth to combine them skillfully and consciously.