• June 14, 2024

Living room wall panels

Designing a functional, modern and comfortable flat is still a big challenge, although it is getting smaller for many people. In the offer of companies dealing with the sale of interior finishing elements we will find a lot of interesting proposals.

The walls in the living room will be able to cover the wallpaper, paint, lay tiles, panelling or choose the latest fashionable panels, which are convenient, because the installation can be done by yourself without the participation of the construction team. The economic advantage of this solution is the attractive price of the panels in comparison with traditional solutions. Panels can also be left on the wall when changing furniture.

Self assembly

The main question to be considered is whether the panels in the living room are to be mounted on one wall or on all walls, whether they are to be covered entirely or to a certain height. Surfaces intended for panels will have to be thoroughly cleaned and primed. The priming of the panels is not necessary, but the final decision depends on the material. Detailed information can be found on the leaflet attached to the product. Before installing the panels, you should carefully measure them, check the pattern they form and, depending on your expectations, plan how they are to be placed. In addition, it is also necessary to check which adhesive is recommended for installation. Thanks to this, there will be no problems with peeling off or deformation of the panels. If there are contacts, electrical outlets or other elements on the wall, there will be no problem because the panels can be drilled or cut.


A decorative element of decorative character are multidimensional panels, which resemble plaster texture. They can occur in the form of bricks, stones arranged side by side or as a mosaic. They will also perfectly imitate natural materials. You can choose the ready-made colors offered by the manufacturer or you can also choose your own hand-painted colors. Gypsum panels with fancy patterns, especially those resembling those of the 1970s, are ideal for this purpose.

Living room arrangement

There are many different types of profiling to choose from. High-end gypsum wall panels will be environmentally friendly and do not emit unhealthy substances. Thanks to their smooth surfaces, they regulate the humidity of the air, are fireproof and do not attract dust. They are also very well suited for acoustic insulation.

Panels can be painted with interior paint on their own if they are prepared for gypsum substrates. Use a brush or soft roller to paint, which will have no problem reaching the three-dimensional surface. The quality of the paint and the accuracy of its position will determine the resistance of the panels to dust, dirt and stains. Panels 30 are suitable for vertical and horizontal mounting. Most models are prepared in such a way that they are arranged one next to the other to form a coherent pattern. Some models have two modules which are arranged alternately.

Self-cleaning and maintenance

The advantage of the panels is that they can be easily kept clean. On the stone is not visible dirt, wooden is washed with water with the addition of liquid to preserve the wood, plastic can be cleaned with water and soap. So there will be no problems with cleaning them.