• July 23, 2024

XTRF is a virtual coordinator of the translator's work. It is primarily a translation project management tool. It also supports sales processes, invoice management, customer and contractor databases and includes a module for sending e-mails. This program is mainly used in translation agencies and translation departments of large corporations. In short, it is a tool indispensable for anyone working as a coordinator in a large translation agency, because it allows not only for order management, text quality control, communication with employees and customers, but also for the entire sales process, invoicing, rate selection and payment checking.

XTRF also has the ability to create text templates. This is particularly useful in situations where the Bureau is involved in the preparation of specific types of texts, e.g. in a specific scientific field or in court agreements. 

XTRF offers the possibility of integration with various types of CAT (computer-assisted translations) programs, i.e. computer-assisted translation applications. Such translations should not be confused with machine translation, which is a popular tool used by Internet users, such as Google Translate. Such programs allow the translator to prepare a text for work, e.g. by dividing it into segments.

Full control over translations from anywhere in the world

One of the translation programs is the Memsource application. It allows you to create virtual dictionaries and save them in the system, which makes the work of the translator more efficient. Text sequences entered by the translator on an ongoing basis are stored in a database and then compared with any new content entered. Thanks to this, the translator does not have to translate the same text several times, because the program recognizes the typed phrases and compares them with other phrases.

Memsource is connected to an external server, where data is automatically saved and backed up. Therefore, no one who uses this solution needs to worry about losing data as a result of damage to a computer's hard drive or other component. All entered content is available from a web browser. The system is resistant to viruses or tracking, malicious software, which ensures the security of the data placed on it.

The ability to integrate Memsource with XTRF allows you to collaborate with translators around the world by accessing wi-fi files, such as on a train, in a library or from anywhere else you work remotely. It can also be supported on mobile devices. The application allows you to work in most popular formats, such as doc., rtf. or xls. Integrating Memsource with XTRF is simple and intuitive. Just use the settings menu and select Memsource for external systems.