• June 1, 2023

White door

Doors are not only functional, but also decorative. Traditionalists usually focus on timeless simplicity and doors made of good quality wood, while interior designers like to use novelties. In their opinion, white doors are the trend this season. Models made of stone, LCD glass, concealed hinges or minimalist handles are also very popular.

Door manufacturers are offering new models, so the choice on the market is huge: from simple, massive to finely decorated, with glass elements or carved ornaments. Everything depends on the needs and tastes of our customers.

If we do not use the architect's advice, we choose the door ourselves, first of all we have to specify our expectations. Whether it's a modern, classic or more sophisticated style, e.g. lofts. Once we've got that idea in our heads, we start picking doors.

There is no doubt that the trends for this season are returning to the past. So simple, flat doors are fashionable. Customers prefer to choose white, but natural wood shades are also popular.

Today there is a fashion for minimalism and simplicity. White doors in various versions are very popular," explains Jacek Domański. "High doors are particularly fashionable. The higher the door, the better it looks in the interior. There are more and more orders for doors up to 3 meters high.

Fashion requires not only aesthetic elements, but also technological solutions. Such elements as hidden hinges, magnetic locks, minimalist handles and even handles that are completely hidden and integrated in the door leaf are almost a standard.

For those who opt for a design-oriented interior design, there is a wide range of doors to choose from that are designed to meet their specific needs.

All the time there are all kinds of novelties, because the architects even want it. So there's a door made of real stone, real concrete, with LCD glass. This is such a complete novelty. And glass is becoming more and more fashionable, in every edition, without limitations.

This season's trend is also towards large glazing with simple door leaves, handles and details in door colour or mild silver shades, as well as simple applications.

It doesn't matter whether you choose light or dark doors for light floors. This is a very individual approach. However, we always try to make it tastefully harmonious in its entirety, in one colour range.

The material of which the doors are made has a significant impact on their strength, resistance to moisture, temperature changes and susceptibility to damage.