• July 23, 2024

How to care for your shower enclosure

Keeping the whole bathroom, including the shower cubicle clean is a basic principle of hygiene, moreover, nobody likes to look at a stone door or a yellowish shower tray. Cleaning a shower can be a real hassle - especially if the shower tray is made of acrylic or if a fungus has developed on the walls.

How do I clean the shower enclosure? Homemade ways are a really substantial range of tricks and ideas that should also be used in your bathroom - they will save you money on store resources, and some of them will perhaps solve problems that they have not managed to deal with.

Cleaning the acrylic cabin with home appliances

Acrylic is today a very popular material for many bathroom sanitary equipment. Acrylic bathtubs and shower trays are an absolute standard. This material is lightweight and very durable. However, anyone who has tried to clean it knows its weakness very well. Acrylic is easy to scratch, matt and discolour, and it is also fatally cleaned. How do I clean my shower enclosure from acrylic?

Cleaning the shower enclosureThe most effective and safest special cleaning agents for this material will be those available in household chemistry shops. It is worth noting that they do not have in their composition chalk, scratching acrylic surfaces and responsible for their matting. The safest thing is clear gels. It's better not to use lotions for cleaning.

Stone on the shower walls

The opponent of fighting in shower enclosures, whether on glass doors, plastic or acrylic, is stone. It precipitates particularly easily from hard, highly mineralized tap water. The presence of stone can be recognized by its slightly rough surface and dulling. How do I clean the shower enclosure from stone? The best homemade way to do this is to have a cloth soaked in vinegar and lemon juice. Beware of the popular baking soda if the stone surface is made of acrylic. Soda can scratch her hard and irreversibly. When there is a lot of stone and it forms a strong, thick layer, there remain shop descalers.

Fungi cab

And how do you clean a shower cubicle of mushrooms? This is a slightly more difficult task, but the mushroom or develop especially in damp tile joints, but also in the corners of the shower enclosure. This is usually a black, heavily-eaten mould, which can also be present on silicone. How do I clean my shower enclosure from mould? Chlorine bleach or ammonia will help. With a solution of water and a glass of ammonia, spray the fungal areas, leave them for an hour and then scrub thoroughly with a toothbrush. Mushroom in the shower cubicle unfortunately or come back - will help to take care of airing in the bathroom, drying the shower cubicle and ensuring that the room is not constantly damp.