• June 14, 2024

Arrangement of a small bathroom

People who have a small bathroom often do not have an interesting idea for its arrangement. Luckily, it's not a big problem at all. Stylists argue that even a room with four square metres of space can be nice, functional and comfortable.

Praise to the little one

A private bathing room the size of a bedsit is certainly the dream of many people. Unfortunately, in most cases it is a dream that has no chance of coming true. A small bathroom does not have to be ugly, but not everyone has an idea how to fit a washing machine, shower, bathtub and washbasin in a small space. Small space is a big challenge in terms of arrangement and imagination. Fortunately, professional interior designers are ready to share a few optical tricks with us, so that even the smallest bathroom will gain in size. The basic principle in this case is that less is more. It doesn't have to be difficult to make it happen.

First of all, the color. One of the guiding principles of colouring is that light shades such as white, beige and blue are best suited for small rooms. Cold colours contribute to the fact that the walls optically move away from each other and the space becomes larger. Bathroom tiles should not be matt, because in a small bathroom it is much better to use light shine, which can reflect light. It is therefore advisable to choose bright ceramic tiles, although they can also be successfully replaced by marble slabs. Also, the mixers should be shiny, its perfect complement will be hangers made of metal. If you care about the pattern on the floor, think about the diamonds, which I will optically widen. In turn horizontal patterns are perfect for walls. Next thing you know, a mirror. When preparing to purchase a mirror, it is worth investing in a large solution. You can put them over the bathtub, and a mirror that takes up the whole wall is not a bad idea. It is ideal to place it opposite the entrance door, because their opening will cause the mirror to reflect a corridor that for a moment pretended to be a part of the bathroom space. Photowallpapers are also perfect for small bathrooms. When making a choice, it is best to opt for a solution whose pattern gives a sense of three-dimensionality and depth. An interesting idea in this context are the spiral stairs, a bridge that leads deep into a lake or a street. A wide choice of motifs makes it possible for everyone to find the right one for them.

A small bathroom

Then the equipment. When equipping a small bathroom you should keep moderation, because a double bathtub may not be the best solution. This does not mean, however, that we can forget about the bathtub, on the market there are small hydromassage bathtubs available. It is also easy to buy a suitable shower cubicle or even a washing machine for a small room. What is interesting, the compact sizes are not inferior to the technologically advanced washing machines of impressive dimensions. When considering the choice of washbasins and toilet seats, it is worth bearing in mind that hanging solutions, i.e. those that have no leg, work much better. They not only save space, but also guarantee optical lightness. We cannot underestimate the fact that they create a place that can be used for additional accessories. A small bathroom does not have to be a place where a paddling pool is obligatory. An alternative solution is an outlet grille mounted directly on the floor. This will allow you to lose the border between shower and floor, making your bathroom optically larger.

Fourthly, the lighting. All optical tricks will not be of much use if we do not focus on the issues related to the arrangement of lighting. The principle that a small bathroom, especially if it does not have a window, should be illuminated, applies here. The central lamp on the ceiling will not solve the problem, so it is worth to illuminate the mirror, bath, and even invest in LED lamps in the floor. Fifthly, 2 in 1. When the size of the bathroom is not impressive, its furnishing is quite a challenge. Minimalism is therefore crucial and must be linked not only to formal savings but also to functionality. Fortunately, there are ways to do this, and the first place is to combine equipment. The bathtub can therefore be connected to the shower by installing a suitable mixer and using a curtain or glass screen, the mirror can be an integral part of the cabinet, and behind its glass there is a place dreamt of becoming a space for cosmetics or other accessories. Nothing prevents the washbasin from being connected to the shelves and the drawers from being equipped with sliding doors. Sixthly, order as a key to success. If there is a mess in a small room, we can be sure that it will quickly become noticeable. What's more, it can paralyze the bathroom. What is unnecessary on the outside is therefore worth hiding in cabinets and recesses.