• June 14, 2024

aluminium windows

Choosing the windows for your own home is one of the most important choices - and it is a matter not only of appearance, but also of later convenience. The windows must be airtight and provide heat to the room. For a very long time it seemed that aluminium was not a good metal for making this type of equipment. It turns out, however, that this is not true.

Aluminium is considered to be a cold metal, however, the reason for this is the former insulation defects. About 20 years ago, we did not yet have the opportunities we have today. As a result, there was a shortage of good insulators and aluminium seemed to be a bad choice in our climate zone. Unfortunately, times have changed, and the conviction about aluminium has remained - completely wrong! This metal is lightweight and durable at the same time. It is very easy to maintain and to maintain. It is characterized by corrosion resistance and environmental friendliness - it can even be fully processed into something completely different. Being a great secondary raw material, it is at the same time plastic enough to allow any shape of decorative and protective coatings. So our window constructions can be very varied - and in fashion is the originality!

In addition, aluminium is easy to clean - it doesn't electrify or attract dust, so it's much easier to keep your windows clean. The sections are adequately stiff and the whole structure, despite its lightness and ease of shaping the structure, is adequately solid. So it's not true that aluminium is not suitable for shutters - it's just opinions from the past that still exist in our modern society. Aluminium window joinery is more and more often chosen by investors and customers who are really interested in the industry and are looking for the best solutions for their buildings. It is extremely resistant to weather conditions, to which the impact of the window is constantly exposed. Secondly, the colour of the woodwork can be adjusted to the style in which the building was built - which gives a lot of possibilities. Aluminium joinery can also be useful for windows and terrace doors.