• July 23, 2024

Windows - wooden or plastic?

Wooden windows have been almost completely replaced by plastic windows, which are more durable and easier to manufacture. Wood is still only popular for roof windows. When exposed to high temperatures, wood does not expand as much as plastic.

Experts argue that wooden windows are a better solution in the design of an attic. Wood is a very good structural material, has high strength, is easy to process, insulates well and has low thermal expansion.

Given the conditions on the roof, where on sunny days the temperatures are much higher than the ambient temperatures, these parameters play an even greater role. The roof structure is usually wooden and the installation of a wooden window is a solution that is imposed here as a lightweight material, structurally durable and at the same time of low thermal expansion.

Plastic windows are very rarely used in roofs. Customers opt for this solution almost exclusively for high humidity rooms: laundries, dryers and bathrooms.

A plastic window is more durable. The wooden surface will require some maintenance every few years. On the other hand, due to its electrostatic properties, plastic will attract more dirt.

When designing a room for window settings, remember that windows are the main source of light in the room. The choice of windows depends primarily on the functionality of the room. Roof windows immediately impose a specific arrangement of space, while traditional windows allow more freedom when furnishing a room. The height and shape of the windows must be adjusted to the height of the customer, but above all to the individual taste of the customer.