• April 19, 2024

Furniture refreshment

New decoration of the apartment does not have to be associated with high costs, long, burdensome renovation and complete change. Only a few elements can be changed, resulting in completely different interiors in a new style. One of the ways to make such an inexpensive but effective transformation of a flat is to renew old furniture.

A new set is a big expense, and we do not always want to invest in completely new furniture, when the old ones have only peeled off, matted or treated in such a way that we want to change every day. Here are a few inspirations for a cheap, effective and very satisfying furniture renovation.

Furniture veneer

The first, very popular way to renovate old plywood furniture is to use new veneer. In construction and interior design shops you will find a lot of veneers for meters, in various colors, patterns and even with embossing. The veneer conceals damage and gives the furniture a new look. How do I do that?

1. wash the furniture surface with water and detergent, so that no dirt remains on it.

2. unscrew the knobs from the drawers and cabinets.

3. measure, cut out pieces of veneer with a reserve of about 1 cm on each side.

Furniture veneers

Glue the veneer by pulling the adhesive paper off the back of the veneer. Press down with a clean cotton cloth.

At the end, screw in the knobs and cut the protruding pieces of veneer.

Styrofoam "carvings"

A very ingenious way to renovate old plywood furniture, but also wooden furniture, is to use decorative panels made of foamed polystyrene, painted in any color with paint. Simply glue them onto furniture doors, for example in the form of decorative strips or one application in the middle. This will create an original, slightly rustic atmosphere. This method has one more advantage - if we get bored with the current applications, just break them and stick new ones.

Painting of furniture

How do you renovate old wooden furniture? It is a beautiful, noble and durable material, but with time it tends to become dull, especially if not properly maintained. Wooden furniture can be painted with special paints, covering or transparent. A good way to give a shine without losing the charm of old wood is to use only varnish or stain of any shade.

When the furniture is already very old

It gets a little more complicated when it comes to renovating old furniture. A set inherited from your great-grandmother is something you need to take great care of. How to renovate old wooden furniture if it is exceptionally valuable and old? You can, of course, do the same - but the procedure will be quite difficult, labour-intensive, time-consuming and require special measures. Sometimes it is better to entrust them to specialists in renovation. The second life that they will give to wooden furniture will certainly be long and happy.