• June 14, 2024

Marijuana is one of the most popular plants that can be found on Earth. In many countries of the world it is subject to a strict embargo, you will not be able to grow, possess or consume it. However, you can see that marijuana policy has been changing a bit lately.

We have more and more states in the USA, where you can buy not only medical marijuana, but also medical marijuana for recreational purposes. This means that people's awareness of what cannabis is is changing. But it is still happening very slowly. However, we will find such growers who decide to grow marijuana all the time and often expose themselves to criminal sanctions. Thanks to their efforts, we now have access to many different varieties of cultivars, cultivars that were developed in the previous century. At the same time, new, carefully selected varieties are also appearing.

New varieties are often created over the years by crossbreeding different varieties and later gene selection as a result of different types of mergers. Today it is difficult to count exactly how many varieties there are in the world. The basic division assumes that there are indica, sativa and ruderalis varieties. However, we still have varieties that are very popular, are still being developed and strive to make them as good as possible in terms of quality. The most popular, carefully selected and stable varieties in terms of genetics appear.

In this way, everyone can reach for exactly the varieties that are best for him or her and will arouse his or her interest. With regard to those varieties that may be of interest at the moment and that are worth paying attention to, the following suggestions will be made.

Full-season varieties
Jack Herer, Amnesia Haze, Big Bud, White Widow, Mazar, Himlayan Gold, Moby Dick, Blue Berry, Shaman, Jack Diesel, Chemdog, Euforia, Critical Mass, Super Lemon Haze, Super Skunk, The Ultimate, Purple Kush, Orange Bud, LSD, AK-47.

Automatic varieties
Maxi Gom, Ivory Ice, Krack, Jack Herer, Mazar, Nemesis, Big Bud, Durban Poison, Power Plant, Hazir, OG Kush, NYC Diesel, Cheese, Critical, Somango, Northern Light, White Widow, Lady Dana, Amnesia Haze, Blueberry, Mandalay, Nanuki, Lowryder 2, Bubble Gum, Super Skunk, Mass, Jack 47, AK-47, Haze, Easy Ryder

As you can see, there is a really big choice of different varieties and if you want to decide on them you have the opportunity to try different proposals. It's worth getting to know different varieties, see how they work and what taste they have, to choose the one that really suits you and your taste.