• July 23, 2024

decorations in the kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of every home. It is more and more often included in the option of an annex combined with a showroom and is a meeting place for family and closest friends. How to decorate its walls in an impressive way to make them look modern, elegant and, what is equally important, functional?

The greatest demands are placed on the walls located just above the kitchen worktop. They must be resistant to dirt and easy to clean. They should fit well with the table top and fronts. They are often treated as the main decorative element of the interior. So what's the best way to finish them?

Photo Wall Murals

Wall murals designed for kitchens offer adequate resistance to dirt and high temperature (which often occurs in the vicinity of the cooktop). Their undeniable advantage is that they can be found in countless colours and patterns (including individualised ones). They fit well with furniture with a modern form, but will not harmonize coherently with the buildings with classic (decorated) fronts.

Architectural concrete

This material is a hit on the market and is very popular not only among owners of loft interiors, but also all those who like simple solutions with timeless beauty. Resistant to external influences, the concrete provides an excellent background for other elements of the kitchen construction. It will also work well in the dining area, especially around the table.


Toughened glass panels, like a wallpaper, offer a great variety of designs and motifs. They give the interior an elegant and modern finish, giving the impression of cleanliness. They are quick and easy to clean and can be successfully combined with worktops made of wood, imitation concrete or stone slabs.


Although it is treated by many as a difficult decorative element, brick creates an impression of extraordinary coziness, and discovered under the layers of plaster can emphasize the historic character of the building (e.g. pre-war tenement house). If properly cleaned and protected, it will be resistant to dirt. It is an ideal solution for those who prefer natural interiors with a unique character.

Ceramic tiles

This is a classic solution with a lasting beauty. The tiles fit into any type of arrangement, guarantee durability for years and outstanding aesthetics. A multitude of colors, shapes, ornaments and cuts will allow everyone to choose a model ideally suited to the character of the interior. Elegant decors, perfectly simple tiles, hexagonal mosaics or classically decorated compositions will not allow anyone to remain indifferent.

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