• June 14, 2024

Effective soundproofing of your home

In our homes, we often have to deal with noise, and most of us do not question that it is a serious problem. It does not matter whether the nuisance sounds come from the outside or from the neighbouring apartment. Not only are they annoying, but they are also not good for our health.

Noise also leads to problems of concentration, distraction and, in extreme cases, depression, so it is worth asking yourself how to calm your home.

Where do the noises in our apartments come from?

Very often we ourselves bear at least partial responsibility for them. The fashion for interiors with soft carpets, curtains and curtains is forgotten, and yet all these decorative elements absorb sounds perfectly. However, there is no denying that thin walls are our biggest problem today. In extreme cases, they are able to let almost any sound through, and although we associate this problem primarily with the construction of communist times, we cannot deny that it is also present in new flats. That doesn't mean, of course, that the apartment can't be silenced.

Ways to keep the apartment quiet

There are at least a few ways to do this, and one of the most popular ones assumes that the walls will be covered with an additional layer that allows for sound insulation. Usually it is acoustic wallpaper, but we can also opt for special insulation. Today, wall panels are particularly popular in this context - not only fashionable but also effective. Any decoration of this kind contributes not only to the improvement of acoustic insulation, but also thermal insulation in the apartment. When the walls are thicker, it automatically permeates us with incomparably less sound.

Acoustic panels for apartments

Wall acoustic panels

If wall panels are at the center of our interest, we should be interested in polyurethane panels, because they have the best soundproofing and insulating properties. These panels are made of polyurethane foam, which provides them with an additional insulation layer. These panels can even be additionally reinforced by flocking. Another interesting solution that is worth taking an interest in is wooden acoustic panels. Here, the greatest asset seems to be their unique construction, which contributes to the fact that sounds are dispersed and can be absorbed by the panels.

Soundwave gypsum panels

Soundwave gypsum panels are not classic acoustic wall panels. However, they are based on technology that can increase the amount of reflections. This one becomes dispersed and evenly distributed, so we are dealing with an effect that meets our expectations. Such panels allow for coping with the problem of overheating and echoes, which often occur in rooms. If the block in which you live is high, the wall panels may not be sufficient.

Acoustic panels on the ceiling

Fortunately, we are dealing with a problem that can be solved, so it is worthwhile to take an interest in acoustic panels on the ceiling. Again, foam panels that are so light that they are safe to install on the ceiling are perfect.