• April 19, 2024


Ready-made curtain with sewn-in wrinkle strap. The simplest and at the same time one of the most convenient solutions available on the market for window decoration. Such curtains are easy to wash, easy to put on, and thanks to hundreds of available patterns, you can use them in any room to suit any interior. Ready-made curtains with wrinkle strap are one of the best-selling curtains on the market. Why are they so popular?

First of all, because they are easy to use. Just tighten the strings, put on the pleats and you don't have to make any more bookmarks on the curtain rod. Additionally, such a curtain, no matter how often it is drawn, will not hit the form and shape. Its washing is also banal - just stretch the tabs, wash, iron and tighten back (although there are people who do not take off the wrinkles for washing). Finished curtains with all the tape are slightly more expensive than metric curtains and at the same time less high than dedicated arrangements - which makes them willing to be bought.

Finished curtains with wrinkle strap - for 1,5, 2, 3 - what does it mean?

When you buy a finished curtain with a sewn-in tape, you need to pay attention to which tape you are dealing with. And it is not only a question of what kind of wrinkle it will be - pleat, double fold, alternate weave (which affects the aesthetic values), but also in what proportions the tape and wrinkle the curtain. Universal tapes are available on the market, very often sewn into ready-made curtains. They allow you to achieve any width of curtain depending on the degree of its wrinkle. If you need a wider curtain, wrinkle the finished curtain 1:1,5. If you need a narrower curtain, you can pull the strings more tightly and squeeze the wrinkle. In theory, this is a good solution, but in practice it carries a slight risk. You need to wrinkle the curtain very carefully and carefully, so that the whole thing is equal and looks nice. Sometimes. It is also impossible to achieve such a good effect as when buying a dedicated tape with a certain level of wrinkling.

Finished curtains with tape are sometimes marked with proportions or numbers. They're said to be wrinkled on two or three. This means the width of the wrinkling of the tape and the width of the curtain after it has been laid. When you buy a curtain curtain fabric ready with three wrinkles, you have to buy three times the width of the curtain rod.