• June 14, 2024

Intelligent home

Intelligent solutions in the home guarantee financial savings and safety of the residents. The integrated heating control system allows you to reduce energy consumption and thus reduce your bills. The alarm sensor system and the intercom connected to a smartphone or personal computer protect against burglary. The installation of this type of technology is possible both at the stage of construction of a new house and in a ready-made apartment.

A smart home is a technology based on a network of sensors and a single, central system for managing integrated installations. With the system, multiple installations, such as window shutters, lighting and heating, can be controlled at the touch of a button. An intelligent building adapts to internal and external factors such as temperature, sunshine and humidity. In bright sunlight, the system automatically closes the roller blinds in the windows and switches on the heating when the temperature drops. Intelligent home is also building automation, i.e. home appliances, electrical and electronic devices, programmed to perform certain activities on their own.

Today, smart home systems integrate with many home appliances, such as a heat pump, which is becoming increasingly popular. Under the slogan "intelligent house" there is also a slogan "energy-efficient, economical or passive house", i.e. one that produces energy for its own needs and is even able to produce and give it away. It is the whole range of devices used to generate energy, e.g. wind, photovoltaic or solar energy, and to take care of our safety.

The most popular element of a smart home is a lighting control system. Thanks to intelligent installation it is possible to create the desired mood in the house, activate several light sources at the touch of a button, switch off the switch in favour of a motion detector that activates the light source itself, e.g. when the householder enters the room. An intelligent house allows you to control the temperature, so you can set a lower temperature when the occupants are not in the apartment. The system itself will raise the temperature to a pre-set time, e.g. the time when children return from school.

Intelligent home will also take care of the safety of its residents

Not only can we monitor whether anyone has entered our property, but also check the basic functions, such as smoke, fire or flood, which the system can notify us about by mobile phone. A very interesting feature is the intercom. Once, in order to talk to a person standing in front of a gate or staircase, we had to be at home. Today this person does not even know that we are not at home, because when he presses a button and calls us, we see him on our smartphone screen and talk to him in a completely different place, even in a different time zone.

You can control your home from anywhere in the world via your smartphone or internet-connected device. Just install a special application on your phone or computer. This allows you to open the door or entrance gate in front of a householder who has forgotten his or her keys, let in guests who are waiting for the owner's return, turn on the central heating or lower the roller shutters in the windows.

There is a fear that someone will get into our house, through the cameras will look into our bedroom. But let me reassure you: the level of encryption of this access is exactly the same as in banking systems. The only weak link is the person who can show the PIN to other people when inserting it into the card, by logging in to the house in a public place, can reveal the PIN to someone and then such a break-in is actually possible. As long as you protect your password and until it is 1234, you may not think of any danger.

People think the smart home system is very expensive. However, specialists argue that this technology is much cheaper than it was a few years ago. In addition, it is a one-time investment that allows for significant savings at a later date, e.g. control of heating allows you to reduce energy consumption and thus reduce bills. The necessary installation can also be installed in an existing house or apartment without major renovation.