• July 23, 2024

Smart TV

Today's TVs have their own processors, internet connectivity, and a host of additional features that dramatically expand their capabilities. All this is managed by an operating system whose functionality affects the comfort of use of the device.

That is why the manufacturers make sure that they turn out to be as fast and stable as possible, and also that they open access to a huge number of interesting applications. All this makes many companies develop their own systems. The most important of these will be discussed in this text.


We'll find him on Samsung's TVs. It is often updated, which of course should be on the side of its advantages. The system is controlled by tiles that give access to the installed applications and all settings. From the home screen you can go to the list of channels, system guide, recordings or recently selected programs.

Tizen Smart TV system also allows you to support a web browser, media player and all the most important applications, such as Netflix, YouTube, Ipla or Spotify.

It should be emphasized that every Samsung TV set with this system is perfectly suited to work with mobile devices. We can easily connect phones and tablets from Samsung, but also from other brands. Thanks to this, the possibilities of using the TV become much wider, which of course should be pleased.

It is also important that you can use most of the functions in the system menu without having to turn off the program you are watching or the application you are using. As for the speed of system start-up and operation, it is decent, but of course you should remember that after some time we may encounter small buttons, caused by a large number of installed applications. To sum up, Tizen is a very efficient and functional system that fits very well into the specificity of Smart TV.


We'll find it on LG TVs. At the outset, it should be noted that this is a system that stands out above all for its satisfactory speed of action. Everything runs very smoothly, with no big push buttons. The simplicity of the menu is also extremely beneficial, especially for the user who has not had any contact with Smart TV before. No one should have any major problems with its operation.

As in the case of Tizena, access to the most important applications and functions is opened by tiles placed at the bottom of the screen. The system allows you to use Netflix, YouTube and several other basic applications. However, the overall number is quite modest, slightly too modest for a smart TV. In that respect, Webos is losing to Tizen.

Firefox OS

It is not only a popular web browser, but the whole operating system, which is installed in Panasonica TVs. Its creators have paid most attention to making their system intuitive and as simple as possible for the average user. As a result, everything is presented as a tray. It's hard to get lost in all this.

What is the situation with applications? We can use a web browser (Firefox of course) and all the basic applications. You can access them from the Apps Market, where you can find a huge number of other programs and games. This is a huge advantage of the system.

Android TV

A system that is used primarily in smartphones and tablets. As far as television sets are concerned, we can find it in Phillips' and Sony's devices. At the beginning it should be noted that this system opens up for us access to a huge number of applications that we can improve from the Google Play store. There's really a lot of them.

The system also supports voice commands, an Internet search engine and a lot of games. Android also allows us to connect your TV with mobile devices. Whether it's a Lenovo tablet or a third party smartphone, everything will run smoothly and efficiently.