• April 19, 2024

Green roof

Many homeowners want to develop the roof and create a green garden on it. However, this is not easy, because in order to create a green roof, it has to meet several conditions and you need to know its parameters. You should know what the maximum roof load is, what the insulation layer is made of or whether it has direct access to water.

Gardens on the roofs of houses and blocks of flats have great visual value, however, the green roof can be complicated. Every building and roof must fulfil a number of conditions without which it is impossible to design a garden.

When a customer decides to make a green roof, it is mandatory to check the intended loads on the flat roof, on the ceiling and whether it is at all possible for the building to withstand such loads. It is often very difficult, because the buildings are a few or more years old, and the designers did not predict then such an additional load on the roof.

When deciding on a green roof, you should also pay attention to the condition of the waterproofing. Often used roofing felt loses its properties after a few years, so it is necessary to make sure that the waterproofing is installed so that it can be used for many years. Access to water is essential for the formation of green roofs.

It is worth remembering that the garden on the roof has to be watered, washed and maintained, i.e. it is worth ensuring that the water connection is provided. If you have a lawn in your garden on the roof, you have to take care of it, mow it, have a place for a mower, water it, as well as the cut grass later on, somehow transport it downstairs.

Green roofs don't just have to come down to the garden. There is a division of flat roofs into extensive ones, i.e. those which are mainly used for recreation and recreation, consist of plants that are dry-loving and do not require special care, and intensive ones, i.e. those in which greenery is more abundant and requires greater involvement. When designing a building, one should choose one of the roof types, which will make it easier for designers to work on creating a unique space.