• July 23, 2024


Very often you can meet with a question about what should characterize a modern terrace. There is not just one good answer, but one cannot disagree that simplicity in form and equipment should be one of its hallmarks. Fashion is now not only minimalism, but also a love of geometric shapes and openness to the garden to emphasize the connection with it.

Praise of geometry

When we look at modern terraces, we cannot help but notice that their shapes are difficult to consider as complicated. Most often we are dealing with simple, geometric forms. Large spaces are sometimes deliberately divided into levels and zones, and their equipment is based on a simple shape. Of course, not everyone likes the austerity of straight lines, but they can be alleviated by choosing more subtle furniture with rounded forms.

When it's more or less

Analyzing terraces kept in a modern style, we can not fail to notice that they are dominated by economy, which is noticeable in almost every aspect. It is visible not only in shapes and colours, but also in accessories and materials. Moreover, simplicity and minimalism do not mean boredom at all. If the same materials are used consistently and skillfully, you can count on a stunning effect due to their originality. It is worth mentioning here the elements that unexpectedly gain a decorative character in modern terraces. One of them may be an interestingly arranged floor, but one should not forget about the furniture selected in an original way. Modern terraces may differ from each other, but they are characterized by the fact that they focus on minimalism. A chaos effect so popular in many other styles, there is no point in being here.

Same thing in many ways.

Modern arrangements will be eye-catching first of all when they attract our attention thanks to appropriately selected colours. This one refers nowadays to the colours of the house, and often turns to white, brown and shades of gray. It is also worth mentioning here the uniform tones, which we deal with not only when analysing equipment, but also when vegetation is at the centre of our attention. In the case of the latter, we deal mainly with different shades of green, although it is often complemented by some colorful accent. Inspiration may come from the colour scheme of the house.

How to arrange a modern terrace

Close to nature

Analysis of the appearance of modern terraces often makes it difficult for us to resist the impression that they are an ideal space for busy people. There are not too many plants here, and the plants that appear are often selected so as not to condemn their new owners to the need to perform complex treatments. An interesting solution is also the opening to the garden, so it should not be a surprise to us that in a modern terrace less and less often we deal with balustrades. In the vicinity of the terrace there is usually a short trimmed lawn, but often the designers are much more radical and less and less people are surprised today that its place is slowly taken by the grassy floor. All this makes it possible, when we deal with modern projects, to talk about a rather smooth disappearance of the border, which until recently divided the terrace and green area around the house.

Modernity in the selection of materials

Another trend connected with terrace arrangement is the one that draws attention to the search for avant-garde solutions. We are not surprised by the use of wood, metal and glass, but it turns out that architectural concrete becomes no less popular. This material is characterized by a kind of natural austerity, and thus fits perfectly with those projects that have a minimalist character. So if we use pots made of concrete, we can be sure that they will be able to emphasize the natural beauty of the plants. Concrete furniture is also an exceptional solution, as it is an original alternative that stands out from the rest of the furniture made of rattan, plastic and wood.

Don't be afraid of the concrete.

There is no shortage of people who try at all costs to avoid concrete in their arrangements. It's not surprising, because the opinion circulates that the concrete is heavy, unpleasant to the touch and excessively massive. Fortunately, when we talk about architectural concrete, we must not forget that modern technologies are used in its production. As a result, products made of it are characterized by a variety of shapes, colors and textures. It was a great success to minimize the size of the walls. As a result, furniture has not only become much lighter, but has also gained the advantage of mobility, which is difficult to question. We must not forget about the fact that even after these changes, concrete is not only durable, but also resistant to weather conditions, so it is not only beautiful in its austerity, but also very practical. It is also worth having in mind that it is worth to have its smoothness to the touch, and all this combined in one piece makes that there is no better material that could be found on a modern terrace.