• April 19, 2024


We associate spring with renovations - especially those on the balconies! The best way to do it now is to enjoy a beautiful place in the summer! First of all, we should take care of the floor - it makes the balcony look aesthetically pleasing, and at the same time it is also safe. When choosing the right material, we should consider its functionality: resistance to frost, damage or anti-slip properties. It is also worth remembering that if we immediately decide on a better quality floor, the longer we will use it.

Choose a floor for your balcony - what should you pay attention to?

When we decide to renovate our balcony, we usually opt for a new floor. However, before we choose new tiles, tiles or boards, we should consider what properties the material we use on our floor should have. The most important parameters are:

  • Resistant to snow, frost, moisture, but also to sunlight (e.g. discolouration of tiles or wood)
  • Difficulty in installation - if you decide to carry out the renovation yourself, you should take this condition into account
  • The way of maintenance - we do not have to take too much care of the tiles, but when it comes to more demanding material, such as wood or stone - then we should take care to always have special impregnates at hand.
  • Impact resistance - some tiles will become more delicate than others. If we have children, heavy balcony furniture - it is better to choose more resistant materials

floor on the balcony

Which floor should I choose for my balcony?

Some time ago, a very popular material for balcony floors was carpet and linoleum. Then came the time for tiles - a very comfortable solution that does not require much work and care from us. Today, we focus more on efficiency - that is why we more and more often decide to choose a slightly more expensive material, i.e. wood. It fits beautifully on every balcony, including the one in the block of flats. However, a wooden floor requires some support from us - impregnation is needed.

We can also bet on composite boards, which is an excellent alternative to classic wooden flooring. They look beautiful and at the same time they are made of much more durable material than classic, pure wood. They are made of a combination of wood fibres (bamboo fibres, but not only) and a mixture of plastics. An additional advantage is also the fact that they have a wide range of colors, and in addition, they are completely safe and easy to install. We can place them on the floor with screws or clips directly to the concrete floor.

We can always choose the most popular and obvious option - floor tiles. Their main advantage is huge availability, low price, variety of colours and dimensions. It should be remembered, however, that the tiles we decide to use are resistant to any damage - both mechanical and atmospheric. It is also good to check the abrasion class - this is a very important parameter if you decide to place the tiles in the place where the movable furniture will be located.