• July 23, 2024

Brick wall

The brick wall creates a lofty and industrial climate. It can be an alternative to wallpaper and plaster finishes. Brick is best suited for arrangements inspired by post-industrial interiors, industrial or rustic climate. It brings a breath of stylish avant-garde and adds austerity. But despite appearances, the natural colour of bricks can also warm up the interior. One brick wall or small fragments of an exposed wall is usually enough to emphasize the age-old character of a tenement house.

Brick is an original finishing material and a perfect alternative to plaster walls or wallpapers. No wonder that she is increasingly appreciated by interior decorators. The colour, format and texture can be matched to the style and concept of the room.

One of the rooms in which brick elements are often and willingly used in the arrangement is the living room, the other is the bedroom.

Brick is a heavy element of decoration and in a small room it can cause the visual impression of spaciousness to disappear. Therefore, the whole wall lined with bricks works much better in large interiors, while in small ones - it is better to put on delicate brick accents. You also need to make sure that the room is not cluttered - excess furniture and trinkets will spoil the whole effect, and the brick will seem too heavy.

The most interesting arrangement of brick elements in the living room is their use on the so-called television wall, i.e. as a background for a TV set or furniture. The second most popular place is the wall separating the living room from the kitchen.

Red brick looks best in combination with white, natural wood and grey.

The use of brick elements can have different effects. On the one hand, the effect may be raw, subdued, and if, for example, we use more rustic, red variants, it will warm up the room and add such a more classic character.

The brick looks very interesting and intriguing. It should be remembered, however, that it is the dominant element in interior design, therefore, the remaining decorations must conform to it in a certain way.

Brick is best suited for industrial interiors, so called loft interiors, so here comes to the fore very high offices with raw, rough character, combined with, for example, concrete cladding.

Bricks are an exceptionally durable and natural building material. It is resistant to mechanical damage, fire and moisture. It insulates well, is warm, calms down and does not fade. It is an original interior decoration - it guarantees 3D effect and interestingly refracts light on it. Because it visually diminishes the interior, it requires the company of smooth surfaces. If you get bored, you can cover it with a new layer of plaster.