• June 14, 2024

Preparation for renovation

Many repair works can be done by ourselves without much problem, provided that we are properly equipped. We will only need basic tools to ensure that our work goes smoothly and that we meet all the challenges without any problems.

What exactly do we need during the renovation of the apartment? Certainly simple hand tools such as hammers, pliers, spirit levels, screwdrivers, brushes and spatulas, but more important in practice are basic power tools.

I. Drilling machine - this is the most important element of every do-it-yourselfer's set. Hand drills used to be used in the past, but working with them is a torment, and in practice there is no other way to make holes, one of the most important things in every renovation. Drilling machines are primarily tools for drilling, but they can also be used for coarse grinding after the application of a suitable tip, mix concrete or plaster mortars with them, and mix paints with them. The necessary accessories are available in shops. It is worth betting on modern drills with brushless motors, which are more durable, lighter and less likely to fail. Such drills in the offer have companies dealing with the production of professional equipment, but there are also many proposals of brands typical for DIY enthusiasts.

II. Battery screwdriver - if we have to twist and unscrew various furniture, battery screwdrivers are basically an integral part of our equipment. Screwdrivers are available as such as well as in combination with drilling machines, i.e. drill/driver units. It's not a bad idea to buy a drill/driver, because we get a tool that can do more work at once and thus reduce the amount of space the tools take up at home.

Renovation work

III. Sanding machine - a sanding machine is necessary if during our work it is necessary to remove the layer of paint or varnish. Grinding can take place in very different conditions, so we can find on the market a wide range of grinders of different shape, size and power, that is, of different purpose. For typical domestic tasks, an angle grinder or orbital sander is always the best solution. Angle grinders are a better solution when you want to cut something, and orbital grinders are better for sanding smooth surfaces.

IV. Jigsaw - if our task is to cut a part to the right shape or simply to the right length, there is no better tool than a jigsaw jigsaw. It will save you a lot of time and effort compared to using handheld cutting elements, i.e. saws. Saws are a similar solution to them, but with saws we do not have the possibility of curvilinear cutting, and it is very useful in many scenarios. The jigsaws can be used for a wide range of different products, for example for plasterboard, worktops, planks and wood-like hobs.

V. Circular sawing machines - when we are forced to cut larger components such as floorboards, wooden floorboards, parquet floors, plasterboards or floor panels, circular saws are the best solution. There are many types of this device, but in practice, small table saws are the best for home renovations. Circular saws are highly specialized tools, in which in home conditions it is simply not worth investing too much money.