• June 14, 2024

inch screws

Inch screws, although created with the American, British and Canadian market in mind, are also used in Poland. What do you need to know about them?

In Poland and other European countries, the dimensions of screws, bolts and other connecting elements are normally given in metric units - i.e. in millimetre multiples. Of course, this does not mean that the other units are not used to label this type of product. The so-called inch screws, whose dimensions, as you can easily guess, are determined in inches and their fractions, are also very popular. They differ not only in dimension but also in application from the elements measured in the metric system.

Inch threads - history

The emergence of standards for screws and inch screws is a response to the need to unify the connecting elements used in the Anglo-Saxon countries. The most popular thread standards measured in inches are UNEF, BSW, UNF, NPT, UNC and BA. The Committee for Standardization of Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom was responsible for their development and published their official versions in the late 1940s. Standards created for Anglo-Saxon countries with the ISO standard used in continental Europe combine the same thread profile - 60 degrees.

Where are inch screws used?

Although inch screws are found primarily in the ocean, this system is also widely used in some areas in Poland and other European Union countries. Connections with inch dimensions are used primarily in hydraulic and gas installations. In addition, you may need to use them if you are repairing a car (especially from the USA or Canada) or other equipment manufactured in an Anglo-Saxon country.

Inch screws. How to buy?

The multitude of types of inch screws and their specialized use usually cause that the selection of appropriate models may cause some problems. Therefore, in search of connective elements measured in inches system it is worth to choose a well-equipped shop, where we can count on professional advice.