• April 19, 2024


Not so long ago, when we were thinking about the air conditioner, we meant mainly luxurious interiors - the hallmark of Western films. Today, however, we are talking about a device that can also be successfully used in our own home. Therefore, it is worth looking for information on how to choose an air conditioner and install it correctly.

A home air conditioner is a device that has at least a few advantages. In the foreground it comes to the fact that it is incomparably more efficient than a classic fan, although of course it is important how well we adjust the model to the size of the room. The air conditioner also surprises with its precise temperature control system. Such a device also works well when we are struggling with the problem of too high or too low humidity, because it automatically maintains it at a level appropriate for the human body. It is also equipped with air filters, which makes the cooled air cleaner. For this reason, air conditioners are also used on cooler days as air humidifiers.

Both portable air conditioners and split solutions are used in apartments. Some of them also attract attention because they are equipped with a fan that supports cooling and heating elements, which makes it possible to heat a room with it. Controlling the air conditioner is not a difficult task, as there are knobs and buttons that make it possible to determine both the air temperature and the ventilation speed. Sometimes we also have to deal with a timer, which allows you to program this kind of parameters.


The art of choosing an air conditioner

The air conditioner is a device that we expect it to exchange air in the room at least twice an hour. It is not harmful if it has a wide temperature range and can be adjusted in 1 degree increments. An air conditioner with a microprocessor is also a good idea, because we know that it will not deregulate by accident. At present, all such devices are equipped with air filters, whose task is to stop dust and dust. Moreover, activated carbon filters are becoming more and more popular to eliminate unpleasant odours and even to absorb electricity. Filters only perform their tasks if they are cleaned properly. Hot water is best suited for this purpose and cleaning should be carried out at least once every two weeks. The filter wear rate is influenced primarily by the filter type, but also by how often it is used. Air conditioners are expected to operate quietly, and therefore the noise they produce should not exceed 50 decibels, i.e. the level of quiet conversation. When making a selection, it is also important to note which coolant has been installed in this type of unit. Until recently it was a gas mixture known as R-22, but now it is being replaced by fluorine and carbon compounds - much more environmentally friendly. ​

Ideal cooling power of the air conditioner

When choosing an air conditioner capacity, we should count on the help of the seller. It is therefore good to prepare data on the size of the air-conditioned room, the thickness of the walls and the type and thickness of their insulation. The seller may also be interested in the number of windows and doors, or even the number of sunny interiors. The floor on which the apartment is located is also of some importance.

How to install an air conditioner?

In the vast majority of cases, the installation of air conditioning is not a complicated task. Just place the air conditioner in the right place and then install a pipe to dissipate the heat absorbed by the unit. The pipe should be mounted directly on the window or exterior wall, although it may appear on the ventilation cage under certain circumstances. However, the air conditioner will not work best if you place it near a heat source. It is also forbidden to put any objects on it and cover the ventilation grilles, as this will disturb the operation of the device, even leading to its overheating.