• May 24, 2024

garden lamps

You have a garden, but you think he's missing something? You have no idea how to decorate it, but you care about cheap and fast, timeless solutions? This is a very practical and quick way to make your garden, especially in the evening, look much better. What's that?

A simple and very romantic way.

The easiest way to buy garden lamps is to buy them. Does it seem boring? Nothing more wrong - you will quickly find out when you see your garden in the evening, decorated with garden lamps. Never before has this place looked so romantic and so wonderful. However, the choice is not as simple as it seems, because not every garden fits every kind of garden lighting. And appropriately selected garden lamps are just as important as the selection of plants or other garden elements.

To choose from, to the garden.

So how to choose the lamps for your garden, so that everything works together and creates a beautiful, satisfactory effect? There are plenty of genres - from retro style, through standing lamps of all heights, to lamps placed entirely in the ground - these are not all kinds, of course, but only a few of them, because there are many more. You can safely say that to choose from, to the color, or rather to the garden.

If we have a house reminiscent of a former Polish manor house, and we have a gazebo in the garden, stylized lamps will be perfect. At least one of them must be fixed on the façade, at the entrance door, and several of them can be placed e.g. along a path or at the pond if you have one. External lamps placed in this way will make our garden look special.

On the other hand, if the house has a modern façade, the lamps in a modern style will fit better. They will not disturb the harmony and aesthetics of both home and garden, and will fit perfectly into the style. The prices of such lamps are different - they range from 30 PLN. up to several hundred zlotys. Everything depends on the specific type, luminaires and light source.

The floating spotlights and underwater lamps placed in the pond will give us beautiful and incredible effects. Such lamps have waterproof housings and very often have a few apertures, e.g. in red, green, blue or orange. They can be purchased at a price of PLN 50-200. If you want to save as much money as possible, you can buy economical garden lighting, with LED technology or even cheaper - solar lamps.

Types of lamps

Garden lamps are of various types, sizes and shapes. They can be made of cast iron, aluminium or plastic in different colours. Cast iron lamps, of course, consist of cast iron - a heavy material that is subject to corrosion over time. Such lamps are usually produced as classic and high lanterns, placed in parks and streets, but their popularity is decreasing year by year. Aluminium lamps, on the other hand, consist of lightweight material and resistant to harsh weather conditions, which is aluminum. Lamps made of modern plastic are also very durable, as are those made of aluminium.

Where to place lamps in the garden?

Lamps can be placed in the garden exactly where you want them, but with due care and special care when it comes to plants, for example, because the lighting behind the plants can not be too strong, because it could damage them. The garden path can be illuminated by light coming from below or from above.

In the case of garden elevation lighting, set the lamps in such a way that they do not shine directly into our windows. However, not every lamp can be placed in our garden, especially in unroofed places, exposed to difficult weather conditions, such as rainfall. It is also important to pay attention to such a detail as the color of the lighting, matched to the color of the façade, as well as to the surroundings. In the green, for example, the lights in cold colour look better. Hanging lamps, such as those placed by the front door or on trees, can also work well if we prefer them.