• May 24, 2024


As soon as it gets warm, children can't sit still and want to get out in the fresh air as soon as possible to play with their peers, get to know the world around them and enjoy all the charms of the warm seasons. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to arrange a place for your child to play in a private garden or in your own backyard, take the opportunity to provide your child with additional entertainment and development opportunities.

How do I make sure my child has a great time?

If you want to make sure that your child has a good time outside, you should arrange your garden in such a way that it has something to do in it. At the beginning it is good to measure the garden and set up a play area for the children. Thanks to that, knowing what dimensions for the area you have chosen, it will be much easier to manage it properly.

Garden toys are an extremely wide range of products, among which you will find a variety of accessories, so to make your choice easier, bet on what your child likes. This way you will be sure that you spend your money well and your little one will be happy to use what you buy for him.

Garden toys can be divided into several categories. You will find among them permanently fixed toys (such as garden swings, swimming pools, ladders and cottages), portable toys (plastic houses and swings, small pools, goals and baskets for various sports) and small toys such as balls, rackets, jumping gums, bicycles, scooters and many more. As you can see, the choice is huge, so think about it carefully so as not to spend unnecessary money.

Remember, too, that toys are not everything. The own contribution of parents is also of great importance. Children love to play in groups, so if your child is an only child, it's a good idea to choose garden accessories and toys that will make it easy for adults to play with their kids. In such a case, it is worth betting on a more decent, larger double swing with ladders or goals to play football, to provide adults with the comfort of play, which will motivate them to spend time outside with their children.

A good solution, which will provide children with an opportunity to spend time outside, and at the same time give them a chance to relax and develop mentally, will be a hammock or a tee tipi tent for a child. It will become his private space, where he will be able to play various games, read, draw or invent interesting feature scripts.

Garden toys

In addition to the standard toys, mentioned above, it is also worth to go a little beyond the strict frames. If you have a vegetable garden or fruit corner, motivate your child to help take care of it. A small bicycle trailer will make it possible for your little one to transport the harvested fruit home, not only developing his or her cycling skills, but also enjoying the fact that he or she can help, making him or her even more eager to eat fruit and vegetables that he or she will harvest on his or her own.

If you love working in the garden, buy your toddler a set of toy blades, rakes and other accessories and let him plant seeds together with you to grow later. This is another way to spend time outside and at the same time motivate children to eat healthily.

Children who love to help their parents will love it when they get toys from their parents, such as a toy lawnmower that lets them help with the garden, shoulder to shoulder with their parents. Buy your child a watering can and ask for help in watering the plants, and before you know it, the game will turn into a pleasant duty, and your child will learn how to take care of fruit and vegetables, which will be useful in later years.

Sometimes, however, a child does not like to play outside, being afraid of worms or simply not feeling too comfortable outside. For such children, a teepee or mosquito net hung over a tree branch over a play blanket will be a great way to give your child confidence and motivate him/her to spend time outdoors. You can also try to interest your child in insects by telling them about them, showing them how they behave in their natural environment and explaining how to handle them. Accompanied by caterpillars, beetles, butterflies or snails, your child will be safe and quickly convinced to leave the house. And if butterflies are particularly interested in them, you can buy them a special net to catch them, awakening a new passion.

Don't forget about the classic games that don't require any additional accessories. Movement games such as hide-and-seek, sneak around, Baba Yaga Looks at you and your baby will be a great way to spend time outdoors, while at the same time providing a healthy dose of movement that will help your baby develop healthily.