• April 19, 2024


In spring and summer, especially when the sun is shining, it is worthwhile to stay in the garden. It is a perfect place to relax, play with children or meet friends. However, a home garden does not have to be equipped only with a table, chairs or deckchairs. A good idea that will appeal to both younger and older household members is to buy a garden swimming pool or trampoline. The pool will help you to cool down on hot days, and the trampoline will allow you to lose weight or play with your kids in the fresh air. How to choose such products wisely?

Garden swimming pools and trampolines are becoming more and more popular in gardens. They give a lot of fun, and also help to relieve stress and break away from everyday problems. Staying in the air has a positive effect on your mood, it also promotes the synthesis of vitamin D in the body through exposure to sunlight. So it is worth to make your garden more attractive and enjoy the pool or trampoline with the whole family.

Garden pool

The fold-out garden pool is an ideal solution for all those who cannot afford to build a brick swimming pool. Such a facility will work well in warm countries, but in Poland, where the weather is extremely capricious, it is much better to choose a temporary solution, which can be dismantled in case of emergency. As a result, the manufacturers have created fold-out pools. What do I need to know before I buy?

  1. You can choose between expansion and rack-mounted pools, as well as products for children, i.e. inflatable pools. The garden expander pool gains its shape when filled with water, while the framed pool is more expensive, but more stable.
  2. The size of the pool should be chosen according to the available space in the garden. Around the garden "swimming pool" it is worth to leave at least one meter of empty space.
  3. A decent filter pump will be useful in a swimming pool, not one that's included in most pools. It's a good idea to buy a sand pump.
  4. Take care of the pool water - use PH reagents or tablets to chlorinate water.


Today's trampolines are not only products for children. They are big enough to be easily jumped on by an adult. Such training on the trampoline helps to develop muscles and increases fitness, both in younger and older users. However, in order for such equipment to fulfil its purpose, it should be made of durable and high quality materials. What tips should I follow when making a purchase?

  1. It is essential that the garden trampoline has safety nets. There are external or internal nets. The latter, although slightly limiting the space to play, are safer because they completely separate from the springs.
  2. The trampoline mat must be flexible and weatherproof, such as sunlight and rain. The best mats are made of PE mesh.
  3. Before buying a trampoline, you should take a look at its construction. It should be stable and robust, e.g. made of galvanized steel.
  4. Springs, e.g. hardened steel, should be solid and well shielded. All other sharp parts should also be adequately protected.
  5. In the case of trampolines, the load-bearing capacity of the trampoline is also important. If the equipment is to be used by several people, it is worth adding up the weight of the equipment to check that it is not more than the maximum load.

The garden is a perfect place to relax. To make it more attractive, you can decide to buy a folding pool or trampoline. The swimming pool will allow you to cool down on hot days - a large enough pool will even accommodate the whole family or a group of friends. Garden trampoline is an ideal equipment for training, but also for children's games. It is worth choosing products of reliable and valued manufacturers, which will be able to be used for many seasons.