• June 14, 2024


Awnings are more and more frequently purchased equipment, protecting from the sun. There are many types of them, so in fact everyone can choose the one that suits their needs. Awnings can protect terraces or balconies and can only be worn on windows. They can have various shapes and colours. They can be attached to the wall or ceiling - and can be unfolded in just a few seconds. No wonder that so many people decide to buy them! What other advantages do they have?

Protection from the sun and heat

In our homes, windows often face south or west. As a result, the rooms become unusually warm - the sun warms them at noon, when it shines the strongest and hottest, and throughout the afternoon. Light is necessary for us to live, it also improves our mood, but it often interferes with our rest or work. It can shine directly on the bed or on your computer or TV, and the glare doesn't let you see it all right. Especially in very glazed places - like a big office building - the sun can become a nuisance. A great solution, however, is the installation of awnings, which can be a shield from the sun. They are controlled by a crank handle and can be unfolded in a few seconds if required, making the room darker and cooler. This is an excellent solution for spring and summer, when heat and temperature are bad. At the same time, they will not make the interior gloomy and cold - they let enough light through to be able to enjoy it on beautiful, sunny days. They reflect only the sun's rays before they can reach the windows and heat them up. That's why they make it cooler, providing protection on really hot days.

Energy saving and rain protection

Awnings are not only used to protect against the sun, but also to protect the terrace or balcony where they will be installed from the rain. This means you can go outside and light up a barbecue in the garden or read on the terrace without worrying about the rain that just came in. The awnings are durable and resistant to weather conditions. Fabrics made of them are impervious to water - they are waterproof. Due to their versatility, they clearly dominate over roller blinds, for example - in addition, they allow to save a lot of money. In what way? All thanks to the fact that they are located outside. Roller blinds are mounted on the inside of the window. As a result, sunlight heats up the glass, making the room warmer anyway - so we have to turn on the air conditioning on hot days. The marquee makes it unnecessary. It is worth knowing that on cooler days the awning prevents heat loss, so you can save on heating! Modern awnings are equipped with such amenities that we also save time - because we do not have to remember about their development and folding. Products have their own sensors so they know when to roll up and when to roll up.


Technical facilities

As already mentioned, modern awnings are not just roofs over terraces or balconies - they are truly contemporary products. More and more models are equipped with light panels and quartz-halogen radiators, equipped with a radio system that makes it easy to control them. You don't have to disassemble them yourself - everything is fully automated, but of course manual control is also possible if you want to. However, the awnings can be controlled with the help of electricity, they can set any angle of inclination, the degree of energy saving, or simply regulate the temperature and maintain the appropriate level of heat in the wind. Modern awnings are made of polyester covered with acrylic lacquer, impregnated acrylic material, or waterproof foil combined with fabric. The products are resistant not only to water but also to tearing. They also reflect the UV rays and therefore provide safety for example for people who work many hours at the window (not everyone knows that the glass lets the harmful rays through, so it can be risky). Most often they are produced in a uniform colour or in two-colour stripes - but nowadays the number of patterns and shapes is surprisingly large, so there is probably no one who would not like at least one model and would not fit into the building. Therefore, it is worth considering their purchase - they are modern products for modern people!