• April 19, 2024

smart home

Intelligent building installations are also becoming more and more popular in Poland. If you are thinking about building your own single-family house or want to live more comfortably in the current one, think about intelligent solutions. Their implementation is not associated at all with very high costs.

A smart home is able to adapt to its inhabitants. It reduces energy consumption, is ecological, functional, safe and comfortable. Today, this type of installation is no longer unusual - we can order it from many companies. What can smart homes offer us?

Smart homes are equipped with special installations based on sensors and devices cooperating with each other. Older generation houses of this type had a single control panel managing all elements of the system. Today, systems based on the KNX standard, or KONNEX standard, are increasingly being used. In this case, devices are used, each of which is equipped with a microprocessor and can work independently, so there is no need to create a central unit to manage them.

Most often systems are created as wired installations, so it is worth to think about their implementation when preparing the design of the house. We also sell wireless installations.

KNX devices and those that do not use this standard can be customized to suit your needs to live comfortably. Through the system of intelligent home we can manage, among others, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, lighting, roller shutters, gates, alarm system, telecommunication network, to mention only some of the possibilities of this kind of systems. Also noteworthy is the possibility of simulating the presence of residents, which is helpful in their absence - reduces the risk of burglary.

Therefore, when we want to decide to use the intelligent building system in our house, we can adjust it individually to our needs. The companies that deal with their implementation, we can now fully familiarize ourselves with on the Internet.