• April 19, 2024

modern home

Building a house is an investment that takes a lot of time to carefully plan every detail, because not every element can be modified or completely changed without any problems at a later time. Therefore, in addition to paying special attention to the functionality of the building, it is also worthwhile to plan its appearance well. Currently, modern house designs dominate, which, although in line with one characteristic trend, may differ significantly from each other. Whether you choose an ultra-modern building or a project that refers to classic solutions depends solely on your own preferences.

Designs of modern houses for the 21st century

Simple forms, austere constructions, limited number of additions - this minimalism is what characterizes the designs of modern houses, which can be seen more and more often both in large Polish cities and provinces. In this kind of projects natural materials combined with industrial finishing dominate. There is no shortage of grey concrete, cold steel and glass, natural wood and stone, universal white and black. And all of this is connected by a single, simple body of the house, which can take different shapes - from a compact construction in the form of a cube, through more complex forms.

Designs of modern houses, which fully fit into the aesthetics of the 21st century, are characterized by a façade in light shades of grey and white. Balconies and terraces are protected by metal barriers or transparent balustrades, and window frames are dark anthracite in colour, just like a roof made of simple sheets of classical sheet metal. Projects of this type are an ideal proposal for anyone who dreams of a modern home, where minimalism dominates from the very entrance.

Longing for classics - modern houses referring to tradition

Buildings that combine austere modernity with traditional forms are an excellent alternative to both minimalist, simple blocks and cozy houses in a rustic style. Each house combines a few characteristic elements that speak for such a modern design. There is no shortage of houses with elevations in cool shades of white and grey, which, however, are insulated with elements made of wood, light stone, red and dirty brick or clinker tiles. In such projects, window frames are also usually in their natural colour, e.g. pine or oak. Wooden balustrades are also used, which are sometimes replaced by modern solutions, such as transparent panes or metal barriers. Roofs of modern houses referring to the traditional form are also characteristic for such projects, because they are usually gabled.

Depending on their own preferences, investors often interpret modernity combined with tradition themselves. The result is houses dominated by either classic solutions or modern forms. The most important thing is that everything is connected and permeated in a coherent way.