• June 14, 2024

Home workshop with tools

Regardless of whether you live in a block of flats, a tenement house or a detached house, you should always be aware of any malfunction. If there is a small renovation, something to do, we will really need different tools. I'm sure it's worth having them at hand. Currently, there is no problem with the availability of tools, so most of the equipment will be purchased even in smaller cities.

But is there a canon of tools that everyone should have? Whether we need large equipment or just elements that we need to have at hand to perform simple work. It seems that it is worth focusing on the basic equipment that is worth having at home.


We will buy a decent set of keys from 70 to 700 PLN. It is strongly discouraged to buy the cheapest sets. Such keys will work out quickly and will not work at all, so buying them does not make much sense. It is worth betting on branded sets, because then we will pay a little more, but in fact we have a guarantee that the equipment is good quality.

The set should include rattles, screwdrivers with bits, the most popular wrenches and therefore screwdrivers, torx and hex. It will be good if the overlays and socket tips also appear. You can also add extensions, which will surely be a nice addition for us and in practice will work very well. Especially when it will be difficult to get to any place such an extension will definitely make it easier for us.

As it is sometimes said without a hammer it is not a job and it is worth remembering about. For sure the hammer will be useful to us, so the set of our tools just has to be included, and it's worth having it, because it will be an item that will be useful to us many times. In addition to the traditional one, a rubber hammer will also work well, which will be a good option when you fold furniture that you do not want to damage.

Household tools

The set of tools needed must include space for pliers, universal wrench and pliers. At first glance, it might seem that these devices are similar to each other. However, in practice it is worth having all of them. We use pliers to pull out the nails, unscrew the nuts with a wrench and the pliers have many different applications.

Drill and drill bits

Drilling machine is also a great equipment, which will not only allow you to make a hole in the wall, but is also suitable for mixing paints, forging a groove in the wires or cleaning wood. You can buy basic equipment for 60 PLN. A special drill screwdriver will also be an option, which will give us even more possibilities. However, you must also buy good drill bits for a drill. If we have a separate drilling machine, we buy a cordless screwdriver, which will guarantee us comfort of work while turning, will make it easier to perform various jobs.

A measure of cheap and very important. If you want to do something at all, you need to know how, in what sizes. That's why we need a good measure and it's worth having it at hand. There may also be an inch, but also a centimeter of tailoring, which in some cases will be a useful addition.

Work hard can be different, so the torch can be useful in different situations, the best one with a lot of power. The headlamp flashlight will be comfortable, which gives us the freedom to work with both hands. It is worth having an insulating tape and a current control when we want to perform such repairs. At home it is also worthwhile to have a strong silver adhesive tape, a silicone gun, sandpaper, a spirit level and a few extension cords that can be useful in many places.