• June 14, 2024

vacuum cleaner bags

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, we should focus not only on its technical parameters, but also on the available bags, which can be mounted in it. This is because they largely determine our comfort of cleaning.

In the case of bag models, we will have to replace the bag from time to time. It will turn out to be very difficult if we buy a cheap model of an unknown manufacturer. Why would I do that? Because there may not be many bags on the market that match it. In such a case, we will be forced to buy them directly from the manufacturer, which will turn out to be not only inconvenient, but also expensive.

So if you're buying a vacuum cleaner, let's check exactly which bags it uses and if they're widely available in stores. Of course, many devices can also use replacements and universal bags. Our choice will then turn out to be much wider. However, the choice of the type of bags to be used remains a separate issue. Disposable and reusable models are available on the market.

Paper sacks

These are definitely the cheapest products, which often cost a few dozen or so zlotys per package. They are valued for their low price, thanks to which the operating costs of our equipment are reduced.

However, this is where the advantages of paper bags come to an end in many cases. Their construction is usually of poor quality, which makes it very easy to tear them apart, for example by overfilling them with dirt. The bag can also be damaged when it is replaced. Often, one improper movement is enough to return the collected contaminants to the floor or, worse still, to the inside of the machine.

It should also be mentioned that there are no filter mechanisms at all.

Plastic sacks

In terms of retaining particles of dust and other contaminants, they do much better. All thanks to the use of a suitable material that does not allow dirt to enter.

This is not all, however, because there are also bags on the market containing additional layers of material, which allow for the retention of mites, allergens, moulds and spores. All this makes them very hygienic and allergy-friendly.

Of course, we must not forget about the already mentioned durability. The construction based on specially selected plastics is usually resistant to mechanical damage caused during use. That way, we don't have to worry about tearing them apart. Higher efficiency and solidity of workmanship, however, makes synthetic bags often several times more expensive than paper bags. After all, in many cases it is really worth investing extra money.

Reusable bags

In this way we move on to the most expensive products, which, however, we can use more than once. Once they're full, all it takes is to empty them. In many cases, these bags are washable - you can use a washing machine or just a simple bowl with water and soap.

All this means that we don't have to keep buying new bags. Such a product is enough for a dozen or so or even several dozen uses. This is a considerable saving. However, we must remember that when emptying the bag we have direct contact with accumulated contamination, which can be problematic for allergy sufferers and people with respiratory problems.

It is worth noting that there are relatively cheap reusable bags available on the market, costing a dozen or so zlotys. The problem is, however, that most often they are made of low quality materials, so that after a few uses, holes may appear, which, as you can easily guess, does not favor the effectiveness of vacuuming.

What bag to choose?

We should avoid the cheapest products, because not only are they not very durable, but they also do not ensure proper retention of contaminants, especially the smallest ones. If we don't mind the need to buy new bags and we don't want to have any contact with dirt, we should choose synthetic disposable bags.

Reusable products will prove to be a good choice when you want to use one bag for a few or more months. Of course, we must remember about the regular and thorough emptying of it.