• June 14, 2024

white walls

White is a universal and very practical colour. It is the basis for the Scandinavian style, but also for the shabby chic, which is characterized by romance with a slight admixture of vintage.

There's no other color like white. This universal and beautiful colour is the basis for the arrangement of the apartments. In every house you will find surfaces covered with it, because it is universal and timeless.

White is good for everything

The advantage of white colour on the walls is that it contrasts well with darker additions, furniture or floors, highlighting those elements of furniture to which we want to pay special attention. An observer can see any element, even the tiniest one. Dark or colored walls could only distract his eyes from these key details, distract the viewer.

If we want to combine two different styles in one room, so that the final result does not overwhelm us with its weight, it is safe to paint the walls white. Following this advice, we can let our imagination run free and not limit ourselves to traditional solutions, but combine different textures, colours or materials. Against the background of white, different styles present themselves better.

In search of space.

Interior designers often use white paint in small rooms (offices, guest rooms and bathrooms) because white optically brightens and enlarges them (strong, heavy colours work the other way round). Interestingly, when we look at the bedroom, whose white walls have become the background for stronger and color dominant additions (e.g. black), we perceive it as clean, neat and elegant. If we change the accessories, pillowcases or bedspreads on powder pink or fiery red, the character of this place will also change dramatically - so white may turn out to be more interesting than we think.

White invariably fashionable

For many years white has been one of the most popular and most frequently chosen colours. She is inspired by both the still fashionable minimalism and the Scandinavian style, using various shades of this colour - from natural, cool white, through chalk, to titanium, very bright and shiny. This is why the shop shelves are used to purchase paints in this tone, providing a matte finish on the walls and immediate coverage.

Universal, fashionable and at the same time raw white space can be used in different ways. The only obstacle may be our imagination, because we can easily match other colours, textures, joints and materials to white.