• February 26, 2024

small kitchen

Decorating a small and narrow kitchen is certainly a real challenge. The development of such an area undoubtedly spends sleepless sleep on the eyelids of many people. Although a device with such a demanding interior requires a good idea, the effect can be a pleasant surprise. What can you do to make your kitchen a functional place where cooking becomes a real pleasure?

First of all, every centimetre of the interior surface must be planned very carefully. Remember that the furniture should not occupy the whole room - it will make it optically smaller and there may be no room for you. An important issue to take into account is also the planning of adequate space for opening cabinets. It seems to be a trivial issue, but in a small area it can cause a lot of trouble.

Being the owner of a very small kitchen it is worth considering opening it to the living room. Thanks to this treatment, in a very easy way we can enlarge its space. If you prefer to keep the kitchen as a separate, separate room, however, a perfect solution may be to use custom-made furniture. In a narrow kitchen, one row of cabinets or L-shaped buildings will do the trick. Please note that in the case of two rows, the distance between cabinets must be at least 120 cm.

A key aspect of kitchen design is good design. There are a few universal rules that will help you design your kitchen, regardless of size or shape. If you don't want to make mistakes when decorating your kitchen, you should follow these few tips.

One of the common mistakes is the use of furniture from the floor to the ceiling. Unfortunately, this solution makes the room look even smaller than it really is. Nothing is worse than cooking every day and being in a cramped, overwhelming room.

Another issue that can optically reduce the amount of space in your kitchen is the positioning of large cabinets with uniform fronts and built-in appliances next to each other. This treatment will also overwhelm the interior while significantly reducing the space in the room.

If you want to optically enlarge and deepen your small kitchen, you should resign from furniture development reaching the ceiling in favour of low glass cabinets or shelves. By following this rule you will make your kitchen look bigger and more spacious.

A perfect solution used not only in small and narrow kitchens is to resign from doors and wing doors. Venetian blinds, roller blinds and sliding doors are ideal for this purpose. Nowadays, it is also fashionable to use low cabinets closed with glass covers, which are illuminated from the inside. They are especially recommended and used in kitchenettes in kitchens open to the living room or dining room.

However, if you decide to install furniture to the ceiling, consider using translucent plastic or matt glass fronts. Thanks to this treatment, kitchen furniture at eye level will give the impression of depth and space.

However, the most recommended solution for small kitchens is the sliding door, which does not take up much space. We can distinguish between two types of doors. One of them is a wall system, which overlaps the wall covering its fragment. For this reason, it is important to remember that nothing can hang on it or stand by it. Another solution is the sliding door, which is retractable in the wall and guarantees maximum use of the usable space.

An interesting solution may be mounting low and shallow cabinets with transparent covers or open shelves with drawers. Without reducing the usable floor space, this will give you a little space.

Wanting to gain more space in a small bathroom is to increase the worktop width to 80 cm. Under the wall, you can store the accessories you use every day in appropriate compartments.

The use of mobile equipment is recommended in a small space, so that everything is at our fingertips. Cabinets on wheels usually have special worktops for storing food. They are very comfortable in the kitchen and provide an extra work surface that can be slid in or out at any time. It's the perfect solution that can also help you organise your work on the countertop while you're sitting.

Although the small size of the kitchen is certainly a kind of difficulty, you can organize the space in it so that it would enjoy its appearance and functionality. Fortunately, nowadays we can find so many solutions on the market that everyone can find something for themselves and easily adapt available to their tastes and requirements. The most important aspect in the arrangement of small and narrow kitchens is above all the thoughtful planning of the space at our disposal and adjusting the expectations to the real possibilities of the premises. If we follow these tips, you will be able to enjoy the pleasure of everyday cooking in your kitchen!