• October 4, 2022

Modern wallpaper for walls

Not so long ago we focused mainly on straight and smooth walls and a whole lot of trinkets, which we put on the shelves. Today, however, it is difficult not to get the impression that such a style is a memory of a bygone era. Nowadays, the main focus is on interiors that are spacious and free from clutter. The advantage here are not only elegant furniture, but also walls decorated in an interesting way.

It is acceptable to play with paint colours, wallpapers and even exceptionally original designs. Every season brings new solutions, and in this name certainly deserve the walls, which are decorated with original 3D panels, architectural concrete and even decorative brick. However, how to use these solutions to make the final effect really appealing to us?

3D panels - inspiring forms and patterns

Speaking of interesting trends, which we are dealing with this year, we can not forget about 3D panels. Their installation is not a complicated task, and in return we receive interiors that are unusual. What is important, we do not have to bet on the coolness of modernity at all. 3D panels can also make the interior cosy and warm. There are so many textures, colours and materials that finding the perfect combination should not be a big problem for anyone. Three-dimensional wall panels are also characterized by the fact that there is no single room in which they can function. Nothing stands in the way of placing them in the living room and bedroom, but they will work equally well in the kitchen as well.

What kind of wall material?

3D panels differ from one another, and one of the differentiating criteria is which one applies to the material they are made of. It can be both gypsum, MDF and polyurethane foam, and each of the materials has its own characteristic properties. MDF wall panels attract attention not only because nothing stands in the way of not only covering them with colour, but also because they are covered with foil, which will make them even better protected against damage.

Wall decoration

Foil also has the advantage that it allows us to choose whether we are interested in matt panels or high gloss panels. Importantly, 3D panels don't just look good. They are also often used by people who are wondering how to calm a room down as effectively as possible.

Concrete, brick and stone

Of course, although we deal with a popular way of decorating the walls, we must not forget that this is not the only way. Nowadays, concrete slabs are also in fashion, and not at all those that we would associate with empty and impersonal interiors. Currently, architectural concrete is an original decoration, ideally suited for urban, modern arrangements. Concrete is not the only solution of this type. If you are looking for something a little more subtle, you can choose original tiles - both brick and stone. What is interesting, these do not have to be a decoration only of modern interiors, because they evoke positive associations with the rustic style so much liked by many people.