• October 4, 2022

Capacious wardrobe

A pile of clothes stuffed with just about anything, or on the contrary - folded into cubes, which will crush even "crushing" materials. The problem with finding anything, the eternal lack of hangers, unpairable shoes, belts, ties and scarves, with which you do not know what to do.... are signs that it's time for a radical reorganization of the closet. How to design a wardrobe to be functional and aesthetic? How do you make sure that searching for this particular shirt doesn't cause headaches? Here's a bunch of ideas.

First of all... tidiness

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You can't get away with it. If you spill out of a wardrobe, and in the near future there are no prospects for a new, bigger wardrobe (maybe it's good?), you need to reduce your possessions. How to design a wardrobe interior in the hallway, so that there is no lack of space for coats? First, throwing a pile of things out of her that shouldn't have been there. It is worth considering honestly which things we use and which only hang around collecting dust. This step also involves decisions about what should be in the closet. The hallway one is usually used to store outer garments, shoes, ironing boards or vacuum cleaners, but not underwear or shirts.

Space-saving accessories

The recessed wardrobe is a very good idea and a remedy for the lack of space. tidiness in the closetIt saves space in itself, but you have to be careful not to lose it. How to design the interior of a built-in wardrobe in order to make it even more "space-saving"? With the help of clever organizers, to be made by yourself or bought. It is best to put dimensional baskets at the bottom of the wardrobe, which will accommodate pairs of shoes. It is very important that they are accurately measured. If there is no lack of space in the wardrobe, you can also buy a special shoe rack with the correct contents. Scarves or ties fit perfectly in a fabric organizer hung on the door on the inside - they will never again spill out like from an unsightly shopping basket. There are also special metal holders for irons and vacuum cleaners. It's worth investing in sticks of different heights - so that no clothes, whether a short jacket or a dress to the ground, touch the bottom of the wardrobe. allies of a tidy wardrobe are all baskets, handles, shelves and boxes.

Fragrances and air fresheners

How to design the interior of a wardrobe that will be pleasant to open? The first step is of course order and order. The other one is a smell. Classic cotton bags with dried lavender, special diffusers set on a shelf, scented stickers on the back wall.... There are plenty of opportunities and ideas. A little creativity is all it takes to give your dream wardrobe its final touch. It'll be a pleasure to look in such a closet every morning.