• April 19, 2024

a comprehensive project

In the life of most of us, sooner or later, there comes a moment when we have to face a difficult subject, which is decorating an interior. Sometimes it will be just a purchased apartment, sometimes we change the interior design in the one in which we already live, often we will arrange a new house or office.

If you decide to make your life easier and rely on the professional help of an interior designer, it is worth knowing that we can agree with the designer different variants of his service. Most often it will be a complex project or the interior design itself. It is good to be aware of the differences between the abovementioned services.

The complex project is a wider and, consequently, more expensive service. We decide if we want our interiors to be designed from the raw state to the turnkey finishing stage. It involves a thorough overhaul or reconstruction, interference with the walls and openings, changes in installations and the functional purpose of the interior.

If, however, we only need refreshment, lifting of our rooms (this applies of course not only to apartments, but also office and public spaces such as shops), we should rather decide on a new arrangement or re-arrangement.

We will not "move" the walls or interfere in any installations (electrical, water, sewage or e.g. tele-technical). It will not be a revolution, but a non-invasive change in the style, character and appearance of our room. If necessary, there will be slight changes in the location of the property or room, while maintaining its function.

So if we have tested different arrangements in the apartment we live in on our own, but we still feel that it's not "it". It's still awkward, uncomfortable or missing this "something", it's worth considering taking into account the offer of a specialist in interior design.

An interior designer can add more character, light and climate to an interior. By modifying the furniture arrangement it will improve the functionality of the space. It will improve the proportions of the room by means of optical tricks. It will make our flat or house resemble interior design, which we admire in magazines from the interior design industry.

Because professionals, for whom interior design is everyday bread, can achieve surprising effects by changing the design itself. With taste and expertise they will choose the right colours of walls and furniture, wallpapers, decorative fabrics, upholstery, carpets or lighting. They are able to choose for our rooms such accessories that the interiors look "like from a journals". They know how to reconcile several functions in one room, so that it is still comfortable and the space is not cluttered or overwhelming.

However, if we consider that the change of decor is not enough, or we simply have a flat or house in the shell, or a secondary market place for general renovation, then it is all the more worthwhile to commission it to a professional.

The architect will take care of our interiors from A to Z. It will record the existing state of affairs. After discussions with us, he will prepare a variant conceptual design with visualisations of the future appearance of our rooms.

Then, to the version chosen by us, he will prepare executive drawings for the team and contractors. He will take care of calculating the necessary amount of materials and finishing elements, such as ceramic tiles, wallpaper, parquet or electrical equipment (sockets, switches). It will coordinate the delivery of orders and the work of contractors and, what is important, if not the most important - will be in constant contact with the team. During author's supervision at the construction site, he will ensure that the project is carried out in accordance with the guidelines and that the schedule of works is carried out as planned.

All this is so that we can soon enjoy our new, dreamlike place to live without any unnecessary jerks of nerves.