• June 14, 2024

interior design

Interior design in an ecological style is a trend that has been fashionable for many years. This is because global society is becoming increasingly aware of the environment and its risks. Man was declared to be the biggest "pest" for the Earth - it is also him who tries to prevent it. Ecological style in interior design is an expression of love for nature. It is worth to follow this current! How to arrange an eco-style interior? We hint in the article!

Eco-style as a manifestation of a natural lifestyle

The pro-ecological approach to life didn't come out of nowhere. It stemmed from the conviction that each of us is a part of the environment, and therefore, as an individual, we are also responsible for it. The deliberate degradation of nature is caused by car exhaust fumes, burning rubbish and leaves, and therefore the use of renewable energy sources, as well as the use of objects made from recycled materials, is an attempt to make amends and redeem wines.

Creative recycling

References in interior design to the natural environment are becoming bolder and bolder. The eco-style is successfully found in classic minimalism. He is also a great ally of the Scandinavian style. Start by using one of the most popular renewable raw materials - cardboard.

In a small living room you will find practical cardboard boxes - a functional place to store e.g. collections of books, newspapers and even documents. If you want to decorate your living room creatively, almost innovatively opt for decorations made of cardboard. On a subdued wall you will find a great map of travellers. You can mark places you've already been to or places you'd like to discover. It's a great way to personalize your place, so guests can quickly discover what's in your soul.

Ecological original design

Many people want to live in an apartment that is original, characterful, but also very functional. Recycling raw materials are extremely unusual and original. Materials with characteristic shapes and subdued colors emphasize the individualism of the household member. In addition, the accessories you successfully weave into the interior will tempt and inform the outside observers about your love of nature.

The latest material trend is recycling paper, which is used to create elegant and designer accessories - bowls, trays, candlesticks, flower pot covers and even office accessories. It's the most inspiring material. It turns out that the structure does not resemble paper, but rubber, asphalt or even natural leather. Moreover, the material is processed in a special way - covered with natural latex it is completely waterproof and unbreakable. This is good news for household members with small children, curious about the world and various forms.

Scandinavian colours in ecological style

The colour palette of recycled materials adapts to the minimalist canons of beauty. Eco Style is a discipline among colour variations. Apart from beige, white and grey, the braver ones use matt but intensely black accessories. These timeless colours are a reference to traditional modernity, so much liked by the Scandinavian style.