• June 14, 2024


Decorating houses with hand-made objects and furniture became popular among Poles. Bored with the offer of salons with interior furnishings, they use their own invention or are inspired by ideas from the Internet and restore old objects. Original furniture, decorations and curtains are made not only for personal use, but also for sale - mainly through online stores.

- The DIY market or "do it yourself" (do it yourself), in Poland it is a small market in comparison to the European Union or the United States. However, this is a market that is constantly developing. Poles are always looking for inspiration, they want to do something new, create their own reality, their surroundings. Because they are bored with the products they see in stores, seek new challenges, inspiration and want to surround themselves with products that are completely different from mass production. Many people find their passion in do-it-yourself, furniture decorating, decorating, decorating or sewing curtains. Instead of throwing away old objects, they give them a new life.

We can do a lot of things ourselves, such as changing the colour of a chair or renovating a regular chest of drawers. We can change the frame very quickly, for example, when we glue it with some stones, sequins or something else that comes to mind. We can also change the upholstery in the chair. Just cut the material and use a cordless stapler and attach it to the chair. We can make our own furniture, I encourage you to use ordinary pallets, from which you can make a lot of interesting things, such as a bed or a coffee table.

The creators of unique products are also more and more willing to sell their products via e-shops. Sociologists stress that "do it yourself" is not a short-term fashion, but a new lifestyle. It is not only the economic aspect that is important here, but also the ecological aspect as well. Two trends dominate - recycling, i.e. processing of damaged objects, and upcycling, i.e. making new objects out of old ones.

In fact, we can find inspiration everywhere - on the Internet, in the press. There are now a lot of blogs dealing with DIY. This is a growing trend.

The DIY market is also increasingly interested in large chain stores, which offer materials for the construction and furnishing of houses. Advertising their assortment, they emphasize that they have equipment that we can use not only for large investments, but also for small DIY.

It is enough to buy basic power tools, e.g. a drill-driver, a grinder, a roller grinder, an orbital grinder or a belt grinder, a painting gun or a glue pen. With such tools, we can decorate or change the environment ourselves.

These tools are easy to use and do not require specialist knowledge. They can also be successfully used by beginners and do-it-yourselfers.