The bed is one of the most important furniture in the house. Our well-being and health depends on how we sleep. And since we sleep almost 1/3 of our lives, it is important that the bed provides comfort and a healthy night's sleep.

What kind of bed to buy?

The shops offer different types of beds. Before we decide on a specific model, we need to establish the dimensions we need. Although we find 80cm wide furniture, for one person the bed should be at least 90cm wide and 200cm long. A double bed is 160cm x 200cm. The bigger we choose, the more comfortable we'll sleep. The best size will be 200cm x 200cm.

Upholstered beds are very popular nowadays. It is a good solution when we want to emphasize the arrangement of the bedroom. They have different styles and upholstery materials. Wooden beds fit any style and are versatile. Made of wood, the bed frames are durable and solid. They can be renewed and repainted when you decide to change their colour. Bed frames made of MDF and HDF boards are cheaper. However, they are not as durable as wood. In shops we can also find continental beds in which the springs filling the frame act as a frame.

Frame and headrest

A headrest is useful if you like to sit in bed. You can then lean back on him comfortably. There are headrests available in shops that can be adapted to fit your existing bed. It improves the comfort of use, so it is worth considering its purchase. It can also play a decorative role. The bed frame is the most important element of furniture. It has the form of a ladder made of slats. They should be placed close together. It can also be filled with furniture board. It is not the best for our spine, although it is much cheaper than made of wood. expert advises you to choose a bed frame to match the mattress that you want to buy. Some frames are adjustable to raise the headrest. The spring mattress placed on it will be damaged because the springs will deform. The best way to choose a frame and mattress is to try it out in the shop.


There wouldn't be a comfortable bed without a proper mattress. To a large extent, he is responsible for our proper sleep. In a double bed it is worth to think about buying two mattresses to avoid bending in the middle.

Voucher mattress

We all know spring mattresses, which have been popular for years. An elliptical spring is placed on the base of a stiff wire. This type of mattress is very popular because it adapts to the shape of the body and provides comfort of sleep. It's comfortable and its price is moderate. The disadvantage is that the mattress wavers when lying down. It is better to choose a bonel mattress from a well-known manufacturer that will ensure high quality. Made of cheap materials, it can quickly deform and springs come out.

Pocket mattresses

It's a modern form of a spring mattress. Its construction is composed of individual springs placed in separate material pockets, which are connected to each other. This ensures that none of them will get out. The smaller the pockets, the better the mattress fits the body. This model is robust and very comfortable.

Latex mattresses

They are perfect for allergy sufferers. Not only do they not sensitize, but they also have an antifungal and bactericidal effect. They adapt to the shape of the body, have high durability and flexibility. A special hole system ensures proper ventilation.

Foam mattresses

This name is used to describe the cheapest mattresses on the market, as well as thermo-elastic or highly flexible, state-of-the-art technologies. Regular polyurethane foam mattresses are soft and have a bad effect on the spine. Highly elastic foam means more comfort of sleep and longer mattress life. Thermoelastic foam adapts to the silhouette of a sleeping person and increases elasticity under the influence of heat.

When choosing a mattress, remember that too soft or too hard will not ensure healthy sleep. It must adapt to the curvature of the spine. In order to do so, you should choose it according to the body weight of the person who will use it. The lighter the person, the softer the mattress should be.