• April 19, 2024

garage rehearsal area

You're wondering where to set up a rehearsal room with your band? The answer is simple - build a garage! You don't have to play punk or grunge to create an atmospheric training area.

Do you dream of a quiet and isolated rehearsal venue for your team? Building and arranging your own four walls to collect thoughts and reflect them in your work, is not at all difficult to implement! Here are a few things that will help you to achieve your goal.

Is machining for you - which garage to choose?

A garage can be a part of a building or an autonomous building. Garages are divided into: garage at home, detached or garage shed, which is a popular "tin".

We will buy tin garages from thousands of zlotys. They are a good solution for those "taking the easy way out" or those who do not have the right conditions to build their own garage. Assembly and disassembly are much easier and the finished tin garage is more mobile. However, we must not forget about such details as access to electricity or running water (it will not always be necessary).

Of course, if only time and finances allow us to do so, we can take care of the construction and arrangement of the garage on our own. Then we have the comfort that we arrange it according to our own tastes and needs. Once we have assessed our strengths and taken up the challenge, do we need to know the basic issues in preparation for the "home rehearsal room"?

Insulation - Styrofoam or polyurethane foam?

We need to think about proper insulation, especially if our garage is in the house and there are other rooms above it. We can use styrofoam, mineral wool or polyurethane foam. Styrofoam will be a good choice if you want to store your car in a garage, because the heated and evaporating engine will affect the humidity of the air, and the foamed polystyrene has good water insulation. More and more often thermal insulations are used by spraying using closed-cell polyurethane foam.

In the case of the rehearsal room, we will need additional insulation, which will be used to suppress the sound. An interesting alternative will be the installation of wood wool panels, which will reduce the noise level and improve the acoustics of the garage and block the passage of sound into nearby rooms. Such boards are very sound absorbing and have high acoustic insulation.

garage insulation and acoustics

Acoustic measurements

Before you start setting up your music equipment, it is worth taking acoustic measurements. A room that we want to designate for a music hall must have a favourable distribution of resonances, lack of reverberation and proper audio processing. That's why we do acoustic calculations to help us make the best use of space for setting up our music equipment. The measurements are related to:

- reverberation time, which determines the state of absorption and sound scattering;

- a frequency characteristic defining the reverberation frequency for midrange and treble;

- the impulse response characteristic, which allows the best possible adjustment of the listening position.

Measurements should be a determinant of the development of the "musical space", but the final effect will depend on the general structure of the room and its final arrangement.

Garage not only for the car!

According to many people, a garage is a place designed only to store a car, garden accessories or sports equipment. And there are plenty of ideas for its arrangement! You can create a garage, a gym, movie shows, barbecue and "secret" meetings with your friends. Adequate organization of space in the garage is enough to create a functional and designer room. You can use them for a variety of entertainment, and the device of the rehearsal site is probably the most interesting of them!

It turns out that creating the right conditions for the artist's work is not a difficult and very expensive idea. What is more, it is a comfortable solution for you and your band members as well as for your family and neighbors. The garage rehearsal space device is a great idea, especially for those who do not have the possibility to play at home or in a recording studio. If you're looking for the perfect place to relieve your emotions and want to give your wena a discount, start building your musical empire today!