• April 19, 2024

power tools

When you are planning to build a house and perform many of the activities in this area on your own, it is worthwhile to start completing the tools you need in advance. They will be needed for the construction of the house, for the finishing of the house and then for minor maintenance work. We will use power tools for building walls, roofing, wall insulation, all installation and finishing works. They will be useful for interior decoration, establishing a garden and carrying out current repairs. They are also very cool toys for people who like to do-it-yourself.

Battery or network?

Modern power tools are available in mains and battery-powered versions. Network devices at the same prices usually offer better technical parameters, but we are tied with a cable of 150cm or 400cm in length. An interesting solution is a tool with a detachable cable, which can be switched between the tools needed at the moment.

The battery gives us freedom and makes us independent of the power source, but at the same time makes us less energy at our disposal. The result is worse performance of the equipment. Batteries do not have too much charge. That's what's gonna get our work done soon enough. The battery can of course be replaced, and the possibility of working in hard-to-reach places is often invaluable. It is also worth noting the issue of security. With mains-powered power tools, you can easily cut through the cable, which is potentially dangerous. Battery-powered devices do not carry this risk.

Buy or not?

Power tools aren't cheap, although typical, simple devices aren't very expensive. In practice, it is usually enough to have a basic set of them and there is no point in buying something that we will use for at most a day or two. Such devices can be easily rented from special rentals and it is not expensive, but you should bear in mind that the equipment available in such places is usually very worn out.


Power tools are usually sold without a wider range of equipment. Usually it's just a cardboard box without anything, and sometimes, for example, drilling machines, you just buy it loose. However, a better and better offer on the market are complex sets, in which we can find the power tool itself and a special suitcase for its storage, in which we can also find the whole set of the most basic items of equipment, which, however, will be available in sufficient quantity to perform basic work. An interesting proposition are also universal devices, which can play the role of several different power tools after applying a special tip to the body.