• June 14, 2024

Cable masking at home

Even after the most satisfying renovation, it is easy to be unsatisfied when the perfect interior design turns out to be spoiled and the cables protruding from the walls or lying under the slats on the floor are disturbed. This disfiguring element needs to be covered somehow, and it turns out to be not so easy - especially when it comes to hanging TV.

Not everyone wants to decide to forge walls, not to mention that not all of them are worth hiding in. How to hide cables if they are particularly unfortunate?

Ways to get cables on the wall

A beautiful, huge TV set, comfortably hung on the wall of the living room promises great entertainment. Unfortunately, joy can easily be spoiled by the cables hanging from it, which cut off on the wall, even if they are in its color. Can you hide the cables from the hanging TV and how to hide them? It will certainly be difficult to do this without forging the wall, but it is worth a try - everything will look neater than the bunches of cables hanging over a construction site. How to hide cables on the wall?

  • Decorative panel cladding

The first way is to place decorative panels, perhaps even eye-catching 3D panels, on the wall under the TV. This cladding will effectively mask hanging cables, but you need to think about how to install it.

  • Cable routing to the next room

If it is possible to place a wardrobe on the other side of the wall, in the adjacent room, you can think about making a small hole in it and passing through it the cables that will be hidden in this wardrobe.

Masking strip

There are also special masking strips to help hide the cables from the TV. This is not an ideal solution - the skirting board is still visible, sometimes even strongly visible. However, it still looks better than the cables.

How to hide cables in the house

Cables lying on the floor

Cables lying on the floor are also problematic, creating a sloppy impression. In addition, there is a risk of getting entangled in them and they collect whole clouds of dust. How to hide computer cables?

  • Slat with a hole for cables

The most popular and effective solution is a skirting board with a hole in which cables running along the wall can be laid. This applies for example to Internet cables.

  • Suspension under furniture

Many people also use the method of hanging cables under furniture with special hooks - thanks to which they are safe and cannot be seen on the floor. How to hide TV cables? It is best to fix them under the cabinet on which it stands.

  • Cables in a decorative box

If the socket is unfortunately located, for example just above the chest of drawers, you can also use a nicely decorated shoe box with round holes that only the ends of the equipment chargers come out of. An extension cord will be hidden in the box itself, which is attached to the wall.